We offer over 50 classes a week, incorporating CrossFit as well as specialty classes to support you in developing your skills and achieving your goals.


The mainstay. Designed to develop all elements of fitness, our CrossFit class is set to challenge you no matter your skill level. Build strength, power, endurance, stamina, agility, balance, and mobility in complement to each other with a proven program.

All movements can be scaled to meet your ability with the help of our experienced coaches.


This class is sure to get your sweat on. Its always great fun with the encouragement of our coaches, friends and new friends!

Lots of conditioning, using lighter weights at higher reps.

An emphasis on building aerobic endurance.


Gymnastics movements, or bodyweight movements, challenge beginners through to intermediate athletes.

These sessions will help you progress with, and master, your pull ups, push ups, handstand work and muscle-ups through drills and practice.  The perfect opportunity to connect with new friends whilst focusing on skill elements.

Olympic Weightlifting

Want to focus on the more technical barbell movements including Snatch, Clean, and Jerk? This class is for you.

Our experienced coaches will lead you through a varied program of lifting and accessory work to master the mechanics and improve your lifting technique.


Join the #HYROXFAMILY for our conditioning class with a HYROX spin.

Movement combinations designed to prepare you for your next HYROX race, or simply to get a sweat on.


Yoga is the perfect complement to strength training, helping you improve your overall performance, recovery and mindset.

The strength, mobility and flexibility developed through this practice will transfer to improving your gymnastics movements, Olympic lifts, and ability to control your breathing during workouts.

Take the chance to relax, refocus and recharge each Sunday morning.

Make Training A Part Of Your Routine

We are open all day with classes from morning to evening.

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