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Update – Group Indoor Classes Resume 17th May 

  • As per the government roadmap for England, adult indoor group exercise classes will be allowed to resume from Monday 17th May 2021.
  • Covid guidelines must still be adhered too. Please familiarise yourself with the protocols for members below including cleaning of equipment, maintaining social distancing and following our one way system whilst using the gym.
  • The coach will help ensure social distancing and Covid measures are followed.
  • Drop-ins, Class Packs and Memberships are still available to purchase and you should continue to book in for each session as normal.
  • There will continue to be open-gym space available throughout the day where members can follow their own programming. This must be booked via BoxMate.

COVID-19 Protocols for Members

  • Please do not come to the gym if you are unwell or showing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • There should be no physical contact between members and coaches. Unfortunately that’s no fist bumps or high fives, etc.
  • Please only come to a class or session if you are booked in. If you are dropping in, you must also book this session in advance. If you need to cancel your place in class this will need to be done 2 hours before the class starts otherwise you will lose that booking.
  • It is highly encouraged that where possible you arrive at the gym in your gym kit and travel home to change and shower. We understand this won’t always be possible so changing facilities will still be provided.

Floor Plan and Procedures

  • Follow the one-way system. Please enter via the entrance on Rothbury Road and exit via the rear door to Meldola Yard, unless in the event of an emergency.
  • Sanitize your hands as you enter and exit the gym at the provided sanitizing station.
  • If you are arriving by bicycle and locking it up at the rear of the gym, please still enter the gym via the normal entrance on Rothbury Road to avoid congestion during session changeover times.

Changing Rooms

  • Please only use the changing rooms if completely necessary, such as if you are coming from or leaving to go to work. If you have a jacket / jumper or just a few belongings these can be kept with you in your individual training area during the session. Alternatively, belongings can be left in the open storage space and heavier outerwear can be hung on the coat hooks.
  • Showers can be used but please only use them if completely necessary.
  • If you are using the hair dryers or hair straightener please sanitise the handles after your use. Only use this equipment if completely necessary.
  • After the class please collect your belongings and leave the gym via the rear door to Meldola Yard.

Training Area

  • Please collect a personal sanitiser spray bottle and cloth on the way into the training area and proceed to a marked individual space. If possible please fill spaces from the front of the gym, facing the windows.
  • Please sanitise your hands as you enter the training zone using your sanitizing spray bottle.
  • If you arrive before your class starts and are waiting in the members lounge area, please be mindful of others and socially distance.
  • Please clean and sanitise your equipment and the floor properly after the class. Please leave the training floor promptly as your session finishes to reduce congestion during changeover times and if you are not leaving straight away please move to either the self training area (if there is space), or the members lounge.
  • If you would like to use chalk please bring your own; we will not be using communal chalk.
  • Air extraction and ventilation measures will be taken to mitigate the risks of transmission of COVID-19.

Members Lounge Area

  • Please minimise the time you spend in the members lounge area, especially during peak hours.
  • If you wish to use the members lounge area after class please put on a clean T-Shirt if you are sweaty.
  • We can only accept contactless payment methods for any purchases.


  • We have a contracted cleaning company to perform regular deep cleaning of the gym.
  • During each day high touch surfaces in communal areas will be disinfected regularly.
  • Members will be responsible for cleaning their workout equipment after use. Coaches will also disinfect equipment throughout the day.